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The best products for you!

The owner of the Clinic, Gracia Jacquelin, with more than 30 years of experience as an aesthetician has given her the extensive knowledge to only offer you healthy and effective lines of products for your body!

Jane Iredale Makeup


This makeup line of product uses high quality ingredients to guaranty satisfaction in terms of performance, opacity, application and texture. The mineral bases are conform to the latest technology assuring a broad spectrum solar protection.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • Foundation;

  • Eye shadow;

  • Mascara;

  • Professional brushes

  • And more…

  • Esthederm professional skincare

Imported single stones (Shungite)


Shungite is an amorphous mineral more than 2 billion years old. The only exploitation field is in Russia. This rare stone has many beneficial properties for living beings.

This stone is so powerful that it neutralizes all that is harmful. It is therefore a natural shield against geopathological radiation and electromagnetic waves (mobile phone, computer, wifi, etc.).



The quest for absolute and lasting beauty, a sense of harmony and superb wellness associated with guaranteed beauty results: that is what an Esthederm Institute facial can offer you.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • Exfoliant;

  • Specialized day cream;

  • Specialized night cream;

  • Specialized serum;

  • And more…

  • Aquafolia professional skincare



The renowned and innovative Canadian line of product Aquafolia is specific to the skin conditions to fight the visible aging process.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • Aqua Rescue Lift Gel

  • Anti-Acne Gel

  • AquaNUTRIA Elixir Relipidant

  • Aqua Rescue Cream

  • And more…

Cellcosmet Professional Skincare


This company offers products from Switzerland made from a combination of bio-integral cells and plant extracts. The innovative skincare product manufacturer offers unique hydrating and anti-aging formulas which redefine the notion of performance.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • Anti-aging daytime cream

  • Anti-aging nighttime cream

  • Anti-aging serum

  • And more…

Care for intimate feminine area BioFemme


Nelly de Vuyst BioFemme offers a complete range of products intended for the care of the intimate feminine area. Ideal to help relieve feelings of discomfort and candidiasis. Also recommended for women seeking to maintain the balance, hygiene and firmness of the delicate skin of intimate feminine areas.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • Smoothing Gel ELLE

  • Firming Gel ELLE

  • PH Balancing Gel ELLE

  • and more…

  • Acne treatment BioAcne



The BioAcne products Nelly De Vuyst are the first to be certified by COSMOS® and Ecocert® to treat symptoms caused by acne. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin since it is a high-performance line certified organic, environmentally friendly, vegan, gluten free and not tested on animals.


Bestselling products available at the Clinic

  • BioAcne Cleansing Gel

  • BioAcne Mask

  • BioAcne Purifying Gel

NuFace Trinity device


This award-winning facial toning device is innovatively designed and sold with interchangeable processing accessories. The device is clinically tested and evaluated by consumers regularly. It’s a professional treatment in the comfort of your own home with visible results in just 5 minutes a day.

Benefits of the product:

  • Improve the contour of the face;

  • Improve the tone of the face;

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural product Perform-Plus


The secret of Perform-Plus’s effectiveness is in the molecular interaction of the various components on the control of total body acidity, motor unit activation, cerebral metabolic regulation, and so on. The purity of the ingredients used plays a major role in the efficiency of Perform-Plus.

The benefits of the product:

  • Performance & Recovery;

  • Regeneration & Concentration;

  • Improved mood and sleep.

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