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We love Shungite!

Shungite is a stone with exceptional properties which its sole field is located in Russia. This stone is unique in the mineral world due to its carbon molecular composition made of fullerenes (commonly named Carbon C60). In 1996, the scientists who discovered fullerenes, Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley, received the Chemistry Nobel Prize.

Stay healthy, protect yourself!


  • Shungite purifies and cleanses;

  • This stone is a powerful natural bactericide;

  • This mineral offers an unparalleled protection against electromagnetic waves;

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic waves: Wi-Fi, mobile phones, TV, computers, home appliances, laptop, light bulbs, wireless phones, high voltage lines, transmitters, vehicles… These electromagnetic waves go through our bodies and change our chemical properties. This phenomena causes an array of various health problems that can even lead to cancer.

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